Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Shop LOVE...Changes

There are changes happening to all aspects of Jean & Joyce this year. With the addition of our design and event services it was only natural that the store itself (well part of it anyway) undergo a mini facelift. The directive was this; we want a space that we can utilise instore for meetings with clients, to showcase recent work and inspirations and as a work space alike.  

So with that in mind, today was meant to be a very productive day. I was meant to prep, undercoat and gloss a number of frames that I had been collecting as part of the redesign. Today it was not supposed to rain!

Here's a sneak peek of the work in progress.
It helps to have a too-cute-for-words helper if you are having to work on a miserable afternoon...

I can't wait to share the finished result with you, let's hope this rain doesn't hang around too long.

Thea xx

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