Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Event LOVE...A Paddington Party

Have I ever mentioned how lucky I am with the neighbours on my street. Very lucky! We love our drinks together on a Friday night, or a quick {& often not-so-quick} chat while grabbing a coffee and we love to patronise each others stores. Well next Thursday we are combining the lot and all opening up late for a christmas shopping night with bubbles, nibbles and lots of christmas cheer. Here is the flyer we designed for the night...
If you are in or around the Paddington area please stop by and say hi I promise it will be worth your while...mum is catering, that should be incentive enough!

Thea xx

Paper LOVE...Shower the Bride

Sorry all, this was meant to go up last night but my internet dropped out...AGAIN! Don't get me started! But on a happier, prettier note take a look at this oh-so-sweet bridal shower invitation that went out to some lucky ladies a few weeks ago...
Can't wait to see the event itself...should be a wonderful day to celebrate a wonderful bride!

Thea xx

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Wedding LOVE...Red, white and rain

Hello friends, how did you survive the wet and wild weekend?
Spare a thought for my lovely Bride who was getting ready and probably thinking about how on earth she was going to make it from the car to the church without getting swept away!
Well thankfully the deluge held off for a short period of time for the to-ing and fro-ing and a couple of rainless photos. Here is a sneak peek of some of the goodies we were delighted to create for her special day...
We can't wait to share the professional photos with you all...just have to wait for the happy couple to return from the honeymoon in Hawaii! No, I'm not jealous at all...

Thea xx

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Event LOVE...Supporting the Arts

Tonight we attended an art showing at a pretty awesome art gallery in the Valley. We sipped champagne and mingled with the guests and marvelled at the canvases that hung from the walls. The pieces were amazing; some of the best I have seen...if only they were for sale! The art showing was a collaboration between past and present seniors of Music Industry College Brisbane...namely my uber talented little brother Ben...

...don't you all agree?!!

So proud of you little bro...ps. don't forget a certain someone's birthday in January when you are trying to re-home some of these!!

Thea xx

Monday, 12 November 2012

Xmas LOVE...Anytime Advent

So I have been a little bit absent (again) lately and as per my last post (and I am sure the one before that and so on and so on); I'm sorry! Wedding season seems to be in full swing (again) and we are making our way through place cards and menus and seating charts and order of services that we will share in the coming weeks. But what we have been madly working on recently is getting the shop ready for christmas. Every year on Melbourne Cup Day we close the shop, paper the windows and bring christmas to Jean & Joyce. I will post photos of the entire shop tomorrow, but today I could not resist sharing my favourite piece of mum's Christmas handicrafts...this fabulous Advent wall hanging (that could probably be used year round!)...

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Event LOVE...Birthday Bubbles

Happy Birthday lovely friend {& neighbour}...well happy 2nd birthday to your gorgeous store that is!

This afternoon, after we closed our shop, we popped {almost} next door to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of our friends' gorgeous little boutique We Live Like This. Naturally we celebrated with a glass of bubbles and a lot of laughter...much like we do on any given friday afternoon {gosh I love our little strip of friends and stores!}...
Happy 2nd Birthday gorgeous girl...here's hoping we get to be neighbours for many years to come!

Thea xx