Monday, 29 April 2013

Party LOVE...A post Wedding, Wedding

2 weeks without internet.
2 weeks without internet at home was really testing {and expensive on my phone bill}. But it was also kind of nice. To actually watch a show without the ever-present laptop, to sit and talk for longer at the dinner table or to simply unwind at the end of the day with no form of technological device in sight.

That being said, it is fixed {and I really am happy about it!} and we are back into it with a bang. Tonight I thought I would share some photos from our Non-New York wedding {the wonderful party we threw for all of our friends and family who couldn't make it to the NY nuptials} with you all.

We really wanted everyone to feel like they hadn't missed anything by not being in NY and at the same time we wanted a relaxed and super fun night. We held the party at my parents house {which really is a venue in its own right} and so had free reign to do whatever we pleased in terms of decoration, theming, food...every detail really. We had our wedding video set to music and playing on a loop on the big screen, we had all of our professional photos printed and attached to balloons and we had our vows printed up onto big posters so that everyone could see play-by-play how the day went! We also had our good friend replicate our Red Velvet Wedding Cake for everyone to taste and the menu was in the vein of a NY Deli (pulled pork, beef and chicken rolls with crisps, pickles and all the toppings). And finally my wonderful mum and husband helped me make a life-size NY snow globe for the guests to pop their heads into...
Ps. my uber talented mum painted those giant peonies onto the backdrop as a surprise for us...she really is too much!

Thea xx

Photos 1, 8, 9 &10 courtesy of Teilah Skye Photography

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Paper LOVE...All Grown Up

We recently had the pleasure of making some invitations for a gorgeous girl who is turning 21. They were delighted with how they turned out, and so were we, so much so that we just simply had to share them with you!

She had some photos that she wanted to include somewhere in the design...and they were such cute photos, how could we not. So we hand illustrated a frame and a banner for her gorgeous kindy photo and added the other to the envelope as a little sneak peek for the guests...

Cute right? Yes? YES!

Thea xx

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Wedding LOVE...An elegant sports themed extravaganza

Excuse me while I try to work out what day it is! That long weekend sure has us a little out of whack! So we missed Friday and Monday but here we go with a real doozy!

In December I had the privilege of helping with a wedding for one of my absolute favourite people in the world. You may remember this gorgeous couple from here and here and here. I had been working with this gorgeous bride almost from the day of her engagement to plan her beautiful day. She was easy and so laid back about the whole wedding that it was a breeze to help with. She had just one small work the grooms only requirement into the day. Easy I thought 'one requirement will be simple!'. What was this request? Quite simple really...that the table names be his favourite sporting teams! Oh...

So the day had finally arrived and it went a little something like the flower markets for 6am, venue by 8am to set up, Bride's house by 10:30am for hair and make-up and photos, chapel for 2pm to dress the pews, back to the bride for final photos and a quick sip before her walk down the aisle...and they're married!! It was a perfect {& hot} summers day for these 2 lovebirds to exchange their vows in front of all their friends and family...
It turns out the Groom {and even the bride and all their friends} were happy with the final sports themed result!!

What a gorgeous happily married couple!

Thea xx

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Wedding LOVE...Colour me crazy

Today's wedding invitations are so wonderfully colourful and fun that we won't go on and on about them. We will simply say that they are nearly as awesome as the couple they were created for and let them speak for themselves...
Did they make you feel happy and sing-song-y?! Well that sure is how they make us feel!
Thea xx

Monday, 25 March 2013

Paper LOVE...Gone Knotty

It kinda works right? Ok not quite as well as gone dotty, but we truly are crazy for these chic invitations we recently made for a lovely {recently engaged} couple. The gorgeous bride-to-be just so happens to be a wonderful friend and neighbour {from Upper Latrobe Tce Paddington} and was a delight to create for {and 'with' for an hour one afternoon at work}...

On the squeal with delight plus side, we just so happened to receive one of these beauties in the mail and are ever so excited to attend this {sure-to-be-amazing} engagement soiree! We also may be forced to take a few pics on the night to share with you all...eyes peeled!

Thea xx

Friday, 22 March 2013

Paper LOVE...A Rockin Reception

By getting married in New York we deprived a lot of people a great party {because lets be honest that really is the best part of the day! Well, after the vows and the tears and the swooning over the dress!). So we figured once we got home we would through a super duper part-ay for all of those near and dear to us who could not be with us on the day. Well said awesome party was thrown last saturday night, and it was wonderful {if I do say so myself!} soon! But for now here is the invite that we made and sent out...
Thea xx

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Wedding LOVE...New York Nuptials

So, if you haven't heard already, in January we flew to New York and exchanged vows in a surprise wedding. Yes! We managed to surprise our parents and all of our family and friends when, instead of celebrating my 30th birthday, we got married! Without sounding too cliche it really was a perfect day (with the exception of some missing family and friends). We gathered in my parents hotel room (that may be putting it lightly... grand palatial suite may be the better term) on a slightly dreary, but oh-so dreamy, new york afternoon and made our commitments in front of 15 people & 2 dogs (4 of the humans and the 2 dogs attended via Skype, but that totally counts!). 

There were too many details that went into making the day oh-so-special (& let's face it I could go on & on about that particular day) so here are a just a handful:
  • One of our closest and most loved friends got herself ordained specifically (& solely, I later found out) in order to marry us!
  • That same friend was instrumental in almost all other aspects of the day: she made our invitations, our SURPRISE! notes for the guests, she was with me in my hunt for a wedding dress in Chicago, finding the perfect red velvet wedding cake, escort cards, napkin rings and the list goes on,
  • We were lucky enough to have Lindsay Letters create our escort cards & cake topper,
  • We stalked a few of my favourite shops to find buttonholes & corsages for the dads and mums (Tinsel Trading Co.; if you don't know it put it on your list!) and the napkin rings to hold the place cards came from Fishs Eddy,
  • Mum made all things flowers {Bouquets, Dean's Buttonhole, centrepieces} and did a better job than I could have ever hoped for!
  • My dad, painstakingly and by hand, glued 100 crystals to my veil the night before the wedding,
  • My wonderful friend (who is not a hairdresser I might add...& who I miss more than I can say) did a truly beautiful job on my wedding hair, 
  • Both of the girls who spoke successfully managed to keep the room in floods of tears, 
  • After our first Restaurant that we had arranged succumbed to Hurricane Sandy we were lucky enough to get into Colonie in Brooklyn (thank you again Tamer!) and had one of the best meals that we can remember,
  • We also had the good fortune of hiring Monica from Hart + Sol East to capture every wonderful moment of the day!!

Gosh it was a wonderful day...can we do it all over again?!

Thea xx

{all photos courtesy of Hart + Sol East}