Thursday, 21 March 2013

Wedding LOVE...New York Nuptials

So, if you haven't heard already, in January we flew to New York and exchanged vows in a surprise wedding. Yes! We managed to surprise our parents and all of our family and friends when, instead of celebrating my 30th birthday, we got married! Without sounding too cliche it really was a perfect day (with the exception of some missing family and friends). We gathered in my parents hotel room (that may be putting it lightly... grand palatial suite may be the better term) on a slightly dreary, but oh-so dreamy, new york afternoon and made our commitments in front of 15 people & 2 dogs (4 of the humans and the 2 dogs attended via Skype, but that totally counts!). 

There were too many details that went into making the day oh-so-special (& let's face it I could go on & on about that particular day) so here are a just a handful:
  • One of our closest and most loved friends got herself ordained specifically (& solely, I later found out) in order to marry us!
  • That same friend was instrumental in almost all other aspects of the day: she made our invitations, our SURPRISE! notes for the guests, she was with me in my hunt for a wedding dress in Chicago, finding the perfect red velvet wedding cake, escort cards, napkin rings and the list goes on,
  • We were lucky enough to have Lindsay Letters create our escort cards & cake topper,
  • We stalked a few of my favourite shops to find buttonholes & corsages for the dads and mums (Tinsel Trading Co.; if you don't know it put it on your list!) and the napkin rings to hold the place cards came from Fishs Eddy,
  • Mum made all things flowers {Bouquets, Dean's Buttonhole, centrepieces} and did a better job than I could have ever hoped for!
  • My dad, painstakingly and by hand, glued 100 crystals to my veil the night before the wedding,
  • My wonderful friend (who is not a hairdresser I might add...& who I miss more than I can say) did a truly beautiful job on my wedding hair, 
  • Both of the girls who spoke successfully managed to keep the room in floods of tears, 
  • After our first Restaurant that we had arranged succumbed to Hurricane Sandy we were lucky enough to get into Colonie in Brooklyn (thank you again Tamer!) and had one of the best meals that we can remember,
  • We also had the good fortune of hiring Monica from Hart + Sol East to capture every wonderful moment of the day!!

Gosh it was a wonderful day...can we do it all over again?!

Thea xx

{all photos courtesy of Hart + Sol East}

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