Friday, 14 September 2012

Cushion LOVE...stitched with care

Happy Weekend Friends!
We had a very special order for cushions this week!
Our lovely neighbours Thousand Island Dressing are losing one of their/our favourite people, so we made a lovely reminder for them to give to her...
If there is one thing that sums up both Thousand Island dressing and our lovely friend it is...Colour! I hope we managed to create something that will bring her happy memories whenever she snuggles up with them!
Thea xx

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Paper LOVE...The happiest thanks

I love weddings.
I love wedding photos.
I love that contagious feeling of happiness that just about leaps from the image of a newlywed couple.
Well looking at this photo we are almost giddy! Have you ever seen a happier smile? I am so glad the couple chose this photo to use on their thank you cards...
This is the same lovely couple we made the wedding programs for here and will be doing a wedding post on very soon! Stay tuned for some more truly beautiful photos.

Thea xx

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Paper LOVE...Sneak peek

We thought we would quickly share a sneak peek at some oh-so-sweet wedding invitations, that we are putting the final touches on, but couldn't wait to show you {you know us and waiting; we don't do it all that well!}...
...can't wait to see a lovely pile of these start to build. We will show off the invitation in all of it's glory soon, so eyes peeled!

Thea xx

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Weekend was GROOVY baby

On Saturday night we attended a birthday party for a lovely friend of mine and stepped right back into the 70's! It was one of those really great nights where everyone got dressed up, got involved and got groovy baby! We love to see a theme carried through in every detail {apart from iPhone's, iPod's and digital cameras as far as the eye could see} from the food to the decor and the outfits it felt like we had travelled through a time warp...
I have to say it was nice to attend a party of late that we didn't have to plan, decorate, setup and host...which in turn led to one too many champagne cocktails!

Thea xx

Monday, 10 September 2012

Weekend LOVE...A meat-ing of minds

Happy Monday Friends!
It's getting all too common that I start things off with an apology, but last week was craaaazy! I am sorry I didn't check in at all last week there just wasn't enough hours in the day. On the bright side though we have so much to share...Friday night we helped out with a Masquerade Fashion show, Saturday night we attended a fabulous 70's party and on Sunday we held a rib appreciation day!

I am going to work backwards {partly because I need to wait for the professional photos from the Masquerade} and start with the Rib Appreciation Day. What is a Rib Appreciation Day I hear you asking? Basically a great excuse to eat a lot of naughty food! It all started on Christmas in July when my dad and an American friend of mine discovered a mutual love of...well meat {Ribs to be precise}. Each claimed to make the best ribs of their chosen meat {1 beef and 1 pork} and well it was on! We referred to it as an appreciation and not a contest, but who were we kidding it was a battle of the highest order...
I think it is fair to say the real winners on the day were everyone who got to eat the fruits of the battle!

I hope your weekend was filled with good food and good company,
Thea xx