Monday, 10 September 2012

Weekend LOVE...A meat-ing of minds

Happy Monday Friends!
It's getting all too common that I start things off with an apology, but last week was craaaazy! I am sorry I didn't check in at all last week there just wasn't enough hours in the day. On the bright side though we have so much to share...Friday night we helped out with a Masquerade Fashion show, Saturday night we attended a fabulous 70's party and on Sunday we held a rib appreciation day!

I am going to work backwards {partly because I need to wait for the professional photos from the Masquerade} and start with the Rib Appreciation Day. What is a Rib Appreciation Day I hear you asking? Basically a great excuse to eat a lot of naughty food! It all started on Christmas in July when my dad and an American friend of mine discovered a mutual love of...well meat {Ribs to be precise}. Each claimed to make the best ribs of their chosen meat {1 beef and 1 pork} and well it was on! We referred to it as an appreciation and not a contest, but who were we kidding it was a battle of the highest order...
I think it is fair to say the real winners on the day were everyone who got to eat the fruits of the battle!

I hope your weekend was filled with good food and good company,
Thea xx


  1. This is absolutely fantastic! And I'm so glad to see Ann there! Isn't she stunning? What a great day.

  2. We had such a great day...good food, great friends and amazing family...only 1 person missing ;)