Monday, 29 April 2013

Party LOVE...A post Wedding, Wedding

2 weeks without internet.
2 weeks without internet at home was really testing {and expensive on my phone bill}. But it was also kind of nice. To actually watch a show without the ever-present laptop, to sit and talk for longer at the dinner table or to simply unwind at the end of the day with no form of technological device in sight.

That being said, it is fixed {and I really am happy about it!} and we are back into it with a bang. Tonight I thought I would share some photos from our Non-New York wedding {the wonderful party we threw for all of our friends and family who couldn't make it to the NY nuptials} with you all.

We really wanted everyone to feel like they hadn't missed anything by not being in NY and at the same time we wanted a relaxed and super fun night. We held the party at my parents house {which really is a venue in its own right} and so had free reign to do whatever we pleased in terms of decoration, theming, food...every detail really. We had our wedding video set to music and playing on a loop on the big screen, we had all of our professional photos printed and attached to balloons and we had our vows printed up onto big posters so that everyone could see play-by-play how the day went! We also had our good friend replicate our Red Velvet Wedding Cake for everyone to taste and the menu was in the vein of a NY Deli (pulled pork, beef and chicken rolls with crisps, pickles and all the toppings). And finally my wonderful mum and husband helped me make a life-size NY snow globe for the guests to pop their heads into...
Ps. my uber talented mum painted those giant peonies onto the backdrop as a surprise for us...she really is too much!

Thea xx

Photos 1, 8, 9 &10 courtesy of Teilah Skye Photography

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