Thursday, 23 February 2012

Event LOVE...Playing with sparklers

Last night we had a wonderful family celebration, we ate {way too much} food, did some paintings on mini canvases {the birthday boy's favourite things are art and music}, popped some party poppers, blew out the candles and forced ourselves to eat some cake! And then we played with sparklers...
{Sparklers are so much fun for all ages! In the middle is Kirsten & that 'K' was completely unintentional! The birthday boy is in the circle}
This is my soon-to-be sister in law that I mentioned here and when we were at the stage of talking about what to do for her save the dates we tossed around the idea of doing a sparkler message. While we didn't end up doing that we still think it is so cute, so last night out of the corner of my eye {at almost the end of the sparkler} I caught this...
Sparklers have so many applications in making invites and events that much more fun and...sparkly!

Make sure you don't overlook the simple sparkler at your next event!

Thea xx

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