Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Party LOVE...Pinterest Recon!

It's Monday. The time is 11:19pm. My name is Thea & I am a Pinterest addict.

How about you, have you crossed over into the magical world that is Pinterest? In this time of digital everything it was only natural that the humble pin board {or pile/folder/drawer of torn out magazine pages for the less organised of us} be given  a digital facelift also. 
As well as being hours of fun {how did I get to looking through photos of puppies wearing pea coats when I was originally searching for peony bouquets?!} it is also extremely useful for cataloguing and saving inspiration for anything from invitations to decorations to renovations. We love pinterest for work & play and can't remember a time before it came into our life.

Sign up & follow us if you want; we can get lost for hours!

Thea xoxox

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