Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Planning LOVE...Working from home!

Before you scroll through this post I want to let you know that while yes, I agree, it looks like an afternoon spent flipping through magazines {and maybe eating a piece of caramel slice} it was actually work...hard work!

In a contradiction of yesterday's post I raced out and bought ‘White’ {a quarterly wedding magazine published in Australia}. There is something about flipping through images printed on the most gorgeous paper stock that I simply can’t resist. It is not advertisement heavy and includes gorgeous illustrations and how-to’s as well as ideas that stray from the conventional…in other words right up my alley.
{Yes, the caramel slice was delicious!}
{Fabulous mood and theme inspired 'boards'}
{I am definitely seeing an event forming in my mind!}
 The magazine is not only a fabulous source of inspiration {and sometimes motivation} it was also an active part of this invitation set that we created recently for an engagement party. We have to admit the pages did look fabulous as the liners in the beautiful turquoise envelopes! If you haven't already, make sure you grab a copy otherwise you will be waiting until May. Enjoy!

Thea xx

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