Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Paper LOVE...The heart of the home

We recently moved house and while I can deal with the chaos of unpacked boxes and misplaced china and silverware, not having anything on the walls is too much to bare. So I figured new house new piece of art...however therein lay the problem. Well two problems actually; 1. the artwork that I love all seems to be outrageously expensive and 2. I have this thing where I LOVE something new each week! 
So here was the solution...
I stumbled across this photo {taken at my little brothers birthday in February last year} that I had forgotten about but absolutely adore and had had this saying by E.E. Cummings floating around in my head for a while now and it seemed like lightning {or inspiration} struck! So it was a detour to Ikea on the way home from Mt Tamborine on Sunday to find a frame {the biggest one of course} and then I could size the image, add the words and have it printed. And then as they say voila instant artwork and happy walls!

Thea xx
P.s. I kinda love the way it turned out and so am thinking of having some made up to sell in store. What do you think?


  1. I'm obsessed! I'd love one! Bring it to me when you come? Unframed of course. I'll totally pay you for it :) Did you end up selling them in the shop? It's stunning.

  2. Aaww shucks...of course I will bring you one!! No payment necessary crazy girl. They most certainly are available in the shop {& selling well :)}.