Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Wedding LOVE...Take a seat!

Please forgive the multiple wedding posts in a row, we seem to be living, breathing wedding around here of late. The last few days we have focused our attention on the stationery side of the day; the programs, table numbers, place cards, seating chart...have we forgotten something? Each one of those items lends itself to a multitude of styles and designs {not always a good thing if you are indecisive and like a lot of things..."oh I love that, oh wait I love that one, but wait maybe this is the way we should go!" HELP!} One thing at a time so we chose the seating chart as the place to start and build everything around...
Gosh so much great stuff how do you possibly decide on just one style? Luckily the final choice was up to the bride and groom {phew!} so they chose and we designed and collectively we all loved it...yay, can't wait to see all the pieces come together {and show all of you guys!}.

Thea xx

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