Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Event Engaging party

No rest for the wicked they say...and I believe them. It feels like we are still coming down from a busy weekend of parties and yet we are straight into another one! We have been working for about as long as the past 2 events {if not longer} on the Engagement Party we have this weekend but we haven't chatted about it as much. Partly because we didn't want to give too much away! Don't worry I am sure we will more than make up for it after the event.

The gorgeous Bride-to-be and I have had most of the decorations and props made and waiting for a little while now, so it is the final little touches that I am working on today and tomorrow {then setup Friday for the big night Saturday!}.  Today was making, printing and cutting out all the mini flags to decorate the drinking straws...
Keep your eyes peeled for these little beauties in situ on the night!

Thea xx

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