Thursday, 15 March 2012

Street LOVE...Let's get together!

Last night we had a street party of sorts.

Last night the owners of the shops on Upper Latrobe Terrace in Paddington closed their respective shops and gathered for a meeting of the minds. You may rememeber me talking about the little Co-op between neighbours here. Well last night we met up to discuss all manner of things that we have going on for our little strip of shops. One of the most exciting things that we are wanting to do as a group is put together a website and a street map of Upper Latrobe. All sorts of ideas for style and direction were being thrown around but the idea that we settled on was for a stylised or illustrated map showing each of the shops on the strip.

Today I was researching some examples to draw inspiration from and I came accross Linzie Hunter, an illustrator and hand letterer, who does some incredible work that I simply had to share...

{Top, Bottom}

{Top L, Top R, Bottom}

Let's hope we can come up with something that is in the vaccinity of this amazing-ness!
Thea xx


  1. This is totally along the lines of what I was thinking too! Imagine being able to send our customers on their merry way with a cute-to-boot map! xxx from your friendly neighbour

  2. Yay! Glad we are on the same track! xx