Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Event LOVE...invite ideas

Today was a really funny day weather-wise. It was beautiful and sunny at times then it would pour down with rain at others. A little too unpredictable to be outside so we bunkered down and got to work on planning an engagement party invite we have coming up. On the weekend I picked up an array of coloured pens from TYPO {gosh how I love that shop!} so instead of the laptop, today we worked off good ol' fashioned pen and paper.
{Oscar makes a great assistant...he has to oversee everything!}
After sketching out a few ideas a completely new idea was born...hand lettered/illustrated invites! We will present a few options to the happy couple and see which way they want to go. Either way Oscar and I had a lovely day sitting on the bed playing with all the pretty new pens!

Thea xx

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