Monday, 8 October 2012

Weekend LOVE...A Wing Ding

...that's what we like to call it anyway!

So for those playing along at home you may remember that about a month ago we held what we have termed a 'Rib Appreciation Day'. Suffice it to say everyone enjoyed themselves so much that the next appreciation day was penciled in before we had even done the washing up!
This time...Wings!
Wings and all the trimmings: chilli and corn chips, celery and blue cheese dipping sauce, cornbread, wedges and ice cream sundaes...all washed down with Champagne {what else?}...
It also just so happens to be the 'Pope of Chilli Town's {see apron} birthday this week and we were thrilled that we managed to surprise him with a birthday cake...that I hear was eaten for breakfast this morning! The nature of the next battle has not been decided upon yet, but the date is set so watch out for the next instalment of our culinary capers.

Thea xx

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