Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Brisbane LOVE...Venue scouting

This week I am lucky enough to have 3 special friends, 2 human and 1 canine, staying with me {might be why I failed to put up a post last night...blame all the fun we are having}. They are the same special friends that we threw the engagement party for here. Well they have been living away and are back for a week with the explicit task of finding a wedding venue (so maybe they are back for a few other things also, but in my mind it's wedding, wedding, wedding!}. So yesterday we piled in the car and headed off in search of the perfect spot...and it made me realise just how beautiful our city is! The day was perfect and I enjoyed being a semi-tourist in my own city...here are a few shots from our adventure...
Brisbane...you're not so bad, I'm pretty happy to call you home!

Thea xx

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