Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Event LOVE...A fond Farewell

Today I was invited to an event that we had nothing to do with in terms of coordinating, planning or styling.
I did have something to do with it however as it was at my primary school. The principle that helmed the school when I attended {a long 17 years ago...gosh it is amazing to even be able to speak in such lengths of time!} is only just this year retiring after 21 years as head of that school. In my senior year I had the privilege of being named School Captain and so was asked to come back to pay tribute.
I have to say I was a little nervous at the thought of addressing the entire school and it's esteemed guests. But as I drove to the school, a drive that I have made countless times in my life, I was amazed at how familiar and calm  I felt wandering through the grounds and noticing more than one familiar face {I don't know what they put in the water there but no-one seems to want to leave!}.  Happily I got through my speech without a hitch {and then indulged in a bit of morning tea that the P&C had so kindly provided} and all in all felt quite honoured to have been asked to attend!

Thea xx

P.s. Sorry for the lapse in posts it has been a little crazy round here of late...but more on that later!

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