Monday, 28 May 2012

Weekend LOVE...A week late!

So i'm finally getting round to putting photos from the wedding up {which was over a week ago now!}. My only excuses are that I was moving house {gosh moving is a tiring job!}, secondly and more importantly I had a hard time limiting the amount of photos to put up {I love all of them...gosh help me when the professional photos come back!}.

The weekend was exhausting, yes. But it was good exhausting, we loved every single moment of it! From the high tea and decorating of the church on Friday afternoon to the breakfast and getting ready with the girls on Saturday right through to the last dance and send off of the Bride & Groom on Saturday night!
Every part of the day was filled with love and laughter and I couldn't be prouder of {or happier for} my little brother and new sister-in-law {I'm also currently a little jealous of them...they are spending 3 weeks on the West Coast of America for their honeymoon!}.

Thea xx

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