Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Paper LOVE...& baby makes 3

We wanted to share a gorgeous birth announcement we recently made for a wonderful new family of 3!  We happened to have the inside scoop on colours, as we played a hand in adorning the gorgeous nursery with bunches of poms here, so we were able to make it as a total surprise for them! I think they were pretty pleased with it and we here it has pride of place on his dresser...
...we happen to think it is pretty cute to!

Thea xx 

Monday, 27 August 2012

Weekend LOVE...Getting back to nature

Happy Monday friends! 
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend...I sure did. For a number of long and varied reasons I went camping {thank you mum for manning the shop!}... was cold, very cold, but it was also filled with amazing friends, naughty food and drink and magnificent 360 degree views {after you scale a sheer rock face...I did it and I'm not too proud to gloat!}. Did I mention there was no reception! That just may have been the best part...48 hours without the constant buzz of emails and phone calls every other minute; bliss! Thank you lovely friends for a most wonderful weekend.

Thea xx

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Paper LOVE...Sneaky peek

So apart from nonstop eating, drinking and enjoying spending the week with our guests, I have managed to get some work done, I truly have! I have an absolutely stunning wedding thank you card that I can't wait to show you, but today is a sneak peek of a gorgeous blue confetti invitation that we are working on...
...we have gone dotty for it...ok, ok just let me have that one!
Thea xx

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Brisbane LOVE...Venue scouting

This week I am lucky enough to have 3 special friends, 2 human and 1 canine, staying with me {might be why I failed to put up a post last night...blame all the fun we are having}. They are the same special friends that we threw the engagement party for here. Well they have been living away and are back for a week with the explicit task of finding a wedding venue (so maybe they are back for a few other things also, but in my mind it's wedding, wedding, wedding!}. So yesterday we piled in the car and headed off in search of the perfect spot...and it made me realise just how beautiful our city is! The day was perfect and I enjoyed being a semi-tourist in my own are a few shots from our adventure...'re not so bad, I'm pretty happy to call you home!

Thea xx

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Event 80th birthday bash

Happy Tuesday friends...somehow I let Monday escape me, sorry! This week is a short week for us in Brisbane with the Ekka public feels like one party after another for me and it all started with a raging 80th on Saturday night! There was food, family, friends, a vocalist with a heavenly voice, a photo booth and far too many sweets...everything the birthday girl requested...
Happy Birthday gorgeous as ever!

Thea xx

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Birthday LOVE...Our Namesake

Many of you know that our little boutique 'Jean & Joyce' was named after 2 very wonderful women in my 2 Grandmothers; Jeanne & Joyce. Well yesterday my lovely nana Jeanne turned 80 and we are celebrating this wonderful milestone on saturday at a party filled with family and friends. It just wouldn't be a party without photos and photo bunting will make it a smash! I grabbed as many photos as I could without her noticing, added some super cute confetti, had them printed and now I am stringing them all together to hang on the night to surprise her! We made some good old fashioned Happy Birthday bunting as well {you can never have too much bunting!}...
Happy Birthday Nana...I hope you have a wonderful night!
Thea xx

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Event LOVE...Props fit for a Queen

Hi friends,
Remember me, I'm the one who used to post everyday, but recently have been pretty slack! I'm sorry, forgive me and I promise to be more diligent from here on out {I hope?!}. We have been pretty busy with invitations and seating charts and save the dates and birthday parties recently and will have lots of pretty things to share with you {as soon as I take some lovely photos of them all}.

Today we were working on some fun things for my gorgeous Nana's 80th birthday, that we are hosting this Saturday night, and thought I would quickly share {even though they are not quite finished...I just hate waiting!}.
We just have to get the dowel rods on the back and they will be ready to go! I can't way to see a photo full of 80 year olds rocking the hipster glasses and prom queen speech bubbles...

Thea xx
p.s. this was our 100th post...yay us!