Thursday, 26 April 2012

Shop LOVE...Not your usual delivery

I got a special and much needed delivery at the shop today...
Let's hope that with all this TLC I caught it in the knick time!
Until then stay warm and well,
Thea xx 

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Midweek LOVE...Work & Play

Today is ANZAC Day in Australia.
Today we did a tiny bit of work {we were spraying chairs at 7 o'clock in the morning...and maybe a dog's tail by accident!} and then we had a lot of fun! We had a wonderful afternoon of fish & chips, croquet, bocce and wonderful friends...
We had a lovely day and are so thankful for the freedom we are afforded in this country thanks to the brave men and women who fight so hard on our behalf...Lest We Forget.

Thea xx

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Wedding LOVE...Take a seat!

Please forgive the multiple wedding posts in a row, we seem to be living, breathing wedding around here of late. The last few days we have focused our attention on the stationery side of the day; the programs, table numbers, place cards, seating chart...have we forgotten something? Each one of those items lends itself to a multitude of styles and designs {not always a good thing if you are indecisive and like a lot of things..."oh I love that, oh wait I love that one, but wait maybe this is the way we should go!" HELP!} One thing at a time so we chose the seating chart as the place to start and build everything around...
Gosh so much great stuff how do you possibly decide on just one style? Luckily the final choice was up to the bride and groom {phew!} so they chose and we designed and collectively we all loved it...yay, can't wait to see all the pieces come together {and show all of you guys!}.

Thea xx

Weekend LOVE...4 weeks and counting

On Saturday the countdown started for my brothers wedding {4 weeks to the day!}. While most things are well and truly checked off the to do list we still hadn't finalised the table settings and decorations. So bright and early Sunday morning Mum and I and the gorgeous Bride-to-be headed off to the markets to grab some flowers {and maybe some breakfast!} to play around with some potential centrepieces.
Quilted glass jars, silver and white spot satin, cream and yellow flowers and tea lights everywhere...yep, we think it is going to look fabulous! 3 weeks 4 days to go...not that anyone is counting!

Thea xx

Friday, 20 April 2012

Shop LOVE...Custom Cushions

Happy Friday friends! I thought I would leave you all with this gorgeously bright and cheery cushion {a custom order for one seriously funky lady!}. This is actually the second one of these that we have had to make in 2 days {another customer walked in as we were making the first and begged for the exact same one}.
If you are feeling a little left out don't fret, we can whip one up for you as well!
Have a great weekend all...if you are in Brisbane drop by and say hi, I am in the store all weekend!

Thea xx

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Event LOVE...Address the crowd

Blue and bold was the order of the day.
Today we were printing the fronts of the envelopes {that we showed you last week} in a gorgeous cobalt blue...
The design of the address is taken from that of the invitation to give you {and the addressee} a hint of what's inside. Intrigued? You should be!

Thea xx

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Birthday LOVE...Sun, Surf and Cake

These past few days we have done nothing but eat cake and celebrate. No complaints here!...
After a very rainy morning it turned into a stunning afternoon so we headed to the beach {and then out to dinner and home for more cake!}...we really do love birthdays around here!

Thea xx

Monday, 16 April 2012

Weekend LOVE...Party Time

On the weekend we had a party that I haven't been able to talk about on here {or anywhere for that matter} because the birthday boy is way too sneaky! But we pulled it off and had a wonderful Sunday afternoon full of food, drinks, friends and a endurance croquet tournament! We even made our very own Corn holes {it turned out really great and everyone seemed to have a lot of fun trying to throw those little bean sacks through the holes!}.
Well birthday boy I hope you had a wonderful day because you sure do deserve it {even the rain played nice!}! A huge Happy Birthday for today as well!

Thea xx

Friday, 13 April 2012

Shop LOVE...Shopping for Spring

Today we were shopping for spring. That's right we were buying the fashion for 4 months time. And let me tell you, we can't wait! Beautiful cottons and laces and linens with pretty patterns and cutouts await.
Bring on Spring!

Thea xx

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Paper LOVE...Invite Sneak Peek

It has been party central around here of late. Girly and lovely and frilly and twinkly. It is a refreshing change to be working on some invitations that are the exact opposite of that. A certain Mr is turning 50 and we have been asked by his wife to create the invites. While I am sure it will be lovely it will be neither girly or frilly! Here is a peek at the envelope back detail that we were busy printing up today...
We can't wait to show you the whole set once finished!

Thea xx

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Event Easter Engagement

It was a sea of turquoise and twinkle lights for the Engagement party on Saturday night. The bride-to-be wore white and her groom wore a smile from ear to ear. There was delicious food and drink and friends and family that had flown in from all over. We heard nothing but oohs and aahs all night from the delighted guests {we don't know if it was from viewing the ring; a Tiffany & Co. sparkler, the scrumptious food, the frozen margaritas; yep you read that right!, the gorgeous decorations and setting or a wonderful combination of all!} we think the guests of honour were pretty chuffed with the outcome as well...
We thought the couples too-cute-for-words dachshund should get a mention because he really did steal the show on the night!  Complete with dapper bow tie  he mingled and posed for photos and maybe had a little nap towards the end {it's tough being so cute!}.
Congratulations you two, we wish you nothing but love and laughter and can't wait to be a part of the wedding!
Thea xx

Monday, 9 April 2012

Easter LOVE...Engagements, Eggs & Friends

Wow, what a weekend! We spent the Easter weekend with family and friends eating too much, drinking too much and having all too much fun...
The Engagement Party that we have been chatting about was held on Saturday night and we have to say that it was wonderful...more on that tomorrow!

We hope the Easter bunny was good to you xx

Friday, 6 April 2012

Party LOVE...Favour Bags

Oops, yesterday seemed to get away from me. It was Thursday but in actual fact it was fake Friday...end of week stuff to get finished, lots of giant chocolate freckles to get wrapped for Easter Saturday treats at the shop and finishing off some of the engagement party details. 

Here's a peek at the favour bags and labels before they are stuffed with special treats for all the guests to enjoy! {and a big thank you to the boys for helping me peel and stick all the labels to the bags at 10pm last night!...those little stickers were ridiculously hard to peel!}

Oh and a sneak peek at the finished straws. Not long now!

Thea xx

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Event Engaging party

No rest for the wicked they say...and I believe them. It feels like we are still coming down from a busy weekend of parties and yet we are straight into another one! We have been working for about as long as the past 2 events {if not longer} on the Engagement Party we have this weekend but we haven't chatted about it as much. Partly because we didn't want to give too much away! Don't worry I am sure we will more than make up for it after the event.

The gorgeous Bride-to-be and I have had most of the decorations and props made and waiting for a little while now, so it is the final little touches that I am working on today and tomorrow {then setup Friday for the big night Saturday!}.  Today was making, printing and cutting out all the mini flags to decorate the drinking straws...
Keep your eyes peeled for these little beauties in situ on the night!

Thea xx

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Event LOVE...Sweet Shower

It really was oh-so-sweet!
The weather was beautiful, the food delicious and the bride-to-be was simply stunning.
There were swans and strawberries, posies and Persian fairy floss, games and giggles and far too much food and drink. Every detail was girly and decadent, from an array of vintage china teacups and saucers right down to the handmade, lace edged fabric napkin that was given to each guest as a party favour.
How gorgeous is the the bride-to-be! The groom sure is a lucky man...
We hope you like looking at the pictures as much as we enjoyed the's to the future Mrs, I hope the shower was a wonderful precursor of what's to come!

Thea xx